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FutureReadyASEAN Competitions

Competition 2019

Create A Blog Site On Sustainability

A front-end web development competition based on the Future Ready ASEAN platform's Digital Citizen track.



Sustainability is one of the priorities for Thailand’s chairmanship of ASEAN in 2019. Our 2019 participants identified a pressing challenge in the ASEAN region across one of the four following sub-themes: Agriculture, Biodiversity, Climate Change and Water; and described in their blog a concrete and scalable solution to address this challenge.




Theme (30%) - The sustainable goal chosen and content.

Blog Site Appeal (30%) - User experience, user interface, visual aspects.

Codes (30%) - Use of HTML5 and CSS on Microsoft Visual Studio Code mandatory. Proper file management and organization.

Instructions (10%) - Ability to take competition requirement instructions.

Inclusion of skills learnt through the FutureReadyASEAN website was a plus.


Finals & Prizes

Finalists represented their country in the finals held in Bangkok, Thailand on 28-29 November 2019.

Champion from Indonesia: USD 2,000 and an immersion program with Grab

1st Runner Up from Lao PDR: USD 1,500

2nd Runner Up from The Philippines: USD 1,000



For all ASEAN youth aged 15 to 35. Girls were encouraged to apply. The competition was open to all ASEAN countries. Team submissions with 2 participants and 1 mentor were required. Only 1 submission was permitted per team. Mentors could manage more than 1 team. All participants and mentors were required to register on the FutureReadyASEAN website and obtain the following:

Digital Citizen - advanced level badge (blue belt)

Dream Team Player - beginner level badge (yellow belt)

Data Wizard - beginner level badge (yellow belt)

Social Innovator - beginner level badge (yellow belt)


Competition Partners

This competition was developed in partnership with partners across ASEAN.