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  • icon-computer-boxes

    Microsoft MakeCode With Micro:bit

    (40 minutes)

    Learn the basics of computer programming using the popular micro:bit microcontroller to code games, gadgets or your very own robot.

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    Mixed Reality Basics 100

    (20 minutes)

    Build your first mixed reality project using the Unity game engine, blending the physical world with the digital world.

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  • icon-desktop

    Coding with Minecraft: Education Edition

    (1 hour)

    Immerse yourself in an open-world game while learning about creativity, collaboration and problem-solving skills.

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    Software Development Fundamentals

    (4 hours)

    Take your first steps as a future software developer and discover the inner programmer in you.

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    C# Fundamentals For Absolute Beginners

    (8 hours)

    Code with one of the top programming languages for mobile and desktop applications and be on your way to creating the next biggest cross-platform app.