• yellow-belt-karate-kids


  • icon-xls

    Introduction To Excel

    (30 minutes)

    Bring your spreadsheets to life using the industry standard for displaying information.

  • icon-xls

    Introduction To Power BI & Excel

    (20 minutes)

    Dive deep into data and start displaying your findings in business-savvy dashboards.

  • icon-xls

    Get Started With Microsoft Cognitive Services

    (10 minutes)

    Get to know the top Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) innovators use to reshape the world of AI.

  • green-belt-karate-kids


  • icon-ai

    Introduction To Data Science In Azure

    (1 hour)

    Equip yourself with the knowledge of data science, one of IT's most sought skills today.

  • icon-ai

    AI Developer Bootcamp

    (5 hours)

    Use Microsoft's top AI tools to create talking, seeing, and thinking machines.

  • blue-belt-karate-kids


  • icon-screen-with-words

    Introduction To Python

    (11 hours)

    Code with one of the world's most beginner friendly and versatile programming languages used in AI, big data, web development, and much more.