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About Future Ready ASEAN

With a young and dynamic population, rapid economic integration and urbanisation, the demand for a skilled and digital-ready workforce is high in the ASEAN region.

Future Ready ASEAN is an online platform developed in partnership between the ASEAN Foundation and Microsoft, as part of the ASEAN Digital Innovation program. Launched in March 2019, this program aims to train 520 teachers and 46,000 underserved youth aged 15 to 35 on digital skills, in particular computer science education, to enable them to thrive in the fourth industrial revolution. The trainings will leverage the Future Ready ASEAN platform and be conducted by Empire Code as master trainer in seven ASEAN countries (Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam).

Future Ready ASEAN is structured along four learning tracks that lead to a total of 12 completion badges.

At the end of each level of each track, you can download a completion badge. You may then share the badge on your LinkedIn profile, by uploading it as "Media" in the Introduction section. The image of your badge will appear under your Summary.

Once the advanced level has been achieved for a given track, students are invited to pursue additional online courses leading to Microsoft's industry-recognised certifications.

Four learning tracks with curated content leading to 12 completion badges

Gender-responsive platform to encourage more young women into STEM

Joint initiative between the ASEAN Foundation and Microsoft

Front-end web development competition open to youth across ASEAN